4 Big Northern Cycling Events This Year

It’s never too late to challenge yourself to an epic cycle ride.

With the final third of the year left to go, there’s never been a better time to get into the competitive racing scene in the UK.

You don’t need to be a Chris Hoy or a Bradley Wiggins to enter into one of these races, all you need is a decent bike, a helmet and the stamina to keep pushing through when your body is screaming at you to stop. In all seriousness, some of these events are not for the faint of heart; before you take part in them it’s a good idea to get some long distance training in and buying a decent pair of lycras isn’t a bad idea either.

Whether you’re looking for an introductory race to ease your way in to the cycling scene or a truly huge challenge that will stretch you to your very limits, there’s bound to be something that catches your eye in this nifty list of the biggest cycling events that you can still enter this year.

Fell Beast

The rugged beauty of the Fells awaits you, should you choose to tackle the Fell Beast, one of the toughest cycling events in the UK. There are three routes to choose from in this sportive, with the longest taking you over 101 miles of punishing climbs and rewarding descents that are bound to keep you intrigued. With less than a week to go before this event takes places, if you’re thinking of jumping in you might want to tackle the shorter distance of 37 miles, there’s still a fair elevation gain of 2244 ft to deal with though!

Starts at: Carlisle Racecourse on Sunday 3rd September 2017

Wiggle Ay Up! Yorkshire

Later in September, Yorkshire plays host to the playfully named Ay Up!, a challenging ride built around the steep inclines of the North York Moors National Park. Run by experienced sports events company Wiggle, the long route is a fair 91 miles that manages to pack in almost 6000 ft of elevation. Needless to say, this is an event that demands a bit of uphill training  beforehand. You can enter the shortest form of the Ay Up! for a mere £26, the 32 mile course takes in similarly stunning scenery with a much easier tail-end.

Starts at: Thirsk Racecourse on Saturday 27th September 2017

Galloway Gallop Adventure Cross

Ever fancied tackling 68 miles of mixed surface trails across the moors and forests of Galloway? If so, the Galloway Gallop might be just up your street. Although this route is significantly shorter than the others on this list, you have to consider that you’ll be cycling across a variety of surfaces that will put a much greater resistance than the usual tarmac. Grab a decent mountain bike and some sensible outdoors clothes for this event, as you’ll be cycling over long stretches of exposed moorland. The short route for this course is a decent 43 miles that still manages to pack in a hefty amount of elevation.

Starts at: Kirroughtree MTB Centre on Sunday 1st October 2017

Wiggle Hawker Hurricane

Lastly, here’s a long distance cycle ride that shouldn’t tax you too much and will take you through some of the prettiest villages that Northamptonshire has to offer. Those choosing to take short route will have an easy time of it – the course only rises 1200 ft over the 26 mile route, allowing beginner riders to enjoy the scenery whilst not completely exhausting themselves. The hard route saves all it’s big climbs to the end, where the route enters Burton County Park for a tough final 20 miles. You’ve been warned!

Starts at: Turweston Aerodrome on Saturday 28th October 2017

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